The Fairly Toolset provides functionality for the core tasks of preparing, uploading and downloading datasets from research data repositories. The toolset currently provides integration with data repositories based on Invenio and Figshare.

What’s Included:

  • fairly Python package

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • JupyterLab extension


  • Python 3.8 or higher

  • pip 20.0 or higher

  • ruamel.yaml 0.17.26 or higher

  • JupyterLab 3.x

Installing the Toolset

You can install the full toolset by installing the JupyterLab extension from PyPI. The fairly package and CLI will be installed automatically.

Linux / MacOS

Install the toolset using pip

pip install jupyter-fairly


  1. Download the ZIP file with the latest release of the JupyterLab extension to a directory.

  2. Unzip the content.

  3. Using the terminal, go to the directory where the ZIP file is located and then to the jupyter_fairly sub-directory.

  4. Type and run the following command. You need to add Python to the system PATH for this to work.

python -m pip install .


For the above to work, you need Pyton in the PATH environment variable on Windows. If your not sure that is the case. Open the Shell, and type python --version. You should see the version of Python on the screen. If you see otherwise, follow these steps to add Python to the PATH on Windows

Installing Python Package Only

If all you need is the fairly Python package and the CLI, you can install them as following.

Linux / MacOS

On the terminal type:

pip install fairly

Installing from Source

Installing fairly from source requires setuptools version 49.0 or later and pip.

  1. Clone or download the source code:

git clone
  1. Unzip if necessary, and go to the fairly directory:

cd fairly/
  1. Install the package:

pip install .


Currently, the toolset only supports data repositories based on Invenio and Figshare. For examples on how to use the toolset, read the Tutorials